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The Bridge to Success Group (BTS) is inspired by the Dubai Frame which is the best Symbol for the Transformation from the “ancient to the modern World”. BTS is committed to establish and maintain a reliable and lasting Bridge between Europe, America and the United Arab Emirates to connect leading Technologies, innovative Products, financial Powerhouses and – in particular – Human Leaders.

It is about nothing less than the international Exchange and Implementation of Future Technologies and Strategies for the Benefit of our entire Planet at the locations Abu Dhabi and Dubai till the End of the Decade. The Linking of all relevant partners is of course our top priority for this purpose - not only during the Event, it is our daily Approach! Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, but with a strong international Presence through its Global Investment, Project Development and Political Partners, BTS is considered as the top Advisor for Companies around the World looking for the most promising and reliable European or Arab Market Entry. We are strongly connected to public and private Funds, Family Offices, Banks plus Special Investors and Capital Providers - all with a focus not only on investing Capital, but especially on establishing Strategic Partnerships.


BTS Events is an Initiative launched by the BTS Group to stimulate Discussions and forge new Partnerships through active Dialogs. Our ambition here is by no means to simply introduce people to each other – we want to host a Forum for intellectual Exchange in Excellence: With the Goal to attract globally recognized Speakers and Partners in the respective Markets. The complete Congress (all Key Notes and Panels) will be recorded and fully transcribed, so that we will be able to publish the Results as a Scientific Publication!

We are proud to host a Guest List including Family Offices, Funds, Investment Companies, Multinationals and High-Growth Companies – all driven by the same Guiding Principle: To combine economic Success with future Sustainability.

Find out more about the Congress Programme & our Services – and please feel invited to use the Chance for a non-binding Consultation Call below.

Use the Opportunity of
a free and non-binding Conference Call!

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Whether you are looking for Corporate or Project Financing Solution, or if you want to expand the markets for your products to Asia, the EU, USA or the Arab world, or even if you want to establish foreign companies and see the advantages of a residence in Dubai. Feel invited to a non-binding Consultation. We are looking forward to the common Online Meeting!

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