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23. NOVEMBER 2024


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Online Workshop by Daniel ten Brinke "Why setup a Company in Dubai?"

9. MAY 2024, 3.00 PM CET (EU), 5.00 PM GET (GCC) 

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We are the only Emigration Consultant which is officially licensed by the German Government to give Emigration Support to the UAE!


The Bridge to Success Group (BTS) is inspired by the Dubai Frame which is the best Symbol for the Transformation from the “ancient to the modern World”. BTS is committed to establish and maintain a reliable and lasting Bridge between Europe, America and the United Arab Emirates to connect leading Technologies, innovative Products, Financial Powerhouses and – in particular – Human Leaders.

It is about nothing less than the international Exchange and Implementation of Future Technologies and Strategies for the Benefit of our entire Planet at the locations Abu Dhabi and Dubai till the End of the Decade.


The Linking of all relevant Partners under the Condition of highest possible Reliability is of course our Top Priority

As one of the leading Consulting Companies with more than 50 Years of Experience in the Fields of Financial Consulting, Investors Matching & Business Consulting, we offer our Clients a wide range of special designed Services.

These Services are strictly oriented to the needs of our Customers, their Projects and Companies. Due to an optimized Admisitration, we work faster, more passionate and therefore more cost effective than any of our Competitors. 

Our "Exchange of Excellence"-Congresses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the annual highlights, when Clients, Colleagues and Global Investment Partners come together to exchange their knowlegde and - of course - to do business together.

The TOP Investors Congress in the United Arab Emirates! 

We are very proud that Google is ranking the Bridge to Success - Congress worldwide as the No. 1 Investors Congress - we are even ahead of the World Bank in terms of the Importance of our Congress.

Considering that dozens of Meetings and Investors Congresses are held in Abu Dhabi and Dubai every year, this Result is particularly remarkable and proves that our Approach of Focusing on the Content and on the Know How - Exchange at the highest Level with globally recognized Speakers is the right Strategy and will be continued to maintain this outstanding Result.

Google Result for the Bridge to Success Investors Congress

The Top-Ranking was created among a total of 15.4 million search results and without the use of any SEO or similar promotion costs.

Please have look at our Programme and our unique Sponsorship Opportunities & Incentives!!

Picture Gallery of the Bridge To Success Investors Congress in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Learn everything about becoming successful in our great Country!


In 29 Videos our CEO, Daniel ten Brinke, explains everything about

  • Finding the right Investors and Strategic Partners in the UAE.

  • How to communicate and negotiate with Arab Partners.

  • Preparation of the first Meetings.

  • Setting up the right Company Type.

  • Becoming Resident.

  • Getting Health Insurance.

and many more Information about how to avoid expensive Mistakes...


It is your chance to get in touch with globally recognized

TOP Experts and the biggest Investment Companies,

Family Offices and Single Investors in the Arab World!





Testimonial by Bayartuul Lundeg, Project Lead of Maidar Eco City, Mongolia after her attendance of the Bridge To Success Investors Congress in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

"The Maidar City Planning Team was selected as the best sustainability Project and won the "Innovation Award" at the Investors Conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 
Congratulations to the 500 Colleagues in the planning and management team who have worked together for 10 years.
Thank you, Daniel ten Brinke. We are so honored."

- Bayartuul Lundeg, Project Lead,

Maidar Eco City, Mongolia

Testimonial by Ullrich Aufenberg, Supervisory Board of Promarket AG after his attendance at the Bridge To Success Investors Congress in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

"Thus, the day of the Company Registration of Promarket UAE can begin. We start with mobile and stationary Diagnostic Center Structures in Abu Dhabi at the point of interest.
In this context - once again - many thanks to Daniel ten Brinke for his support and the many expert discussions during the Bridge to Success Congress in Abu Dhabi."

- Ullrich Aufenberg, Supervisory Board,

Promarket AG, Germany

Testimonial by Prof. Dr. Furrer LL.M., CLO of Zenotta AG after his attendance at the Bridge To Success Investors Congress in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

- Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer LL.M.

University of Luzern & 

Chief Legal Officer

Zenotta AG, Switzerland

Picture Gallery of the Bridge To Success Investors Congress in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Interview with H.E. Alexander Schönfelder, German Ambassador to the UAE 

Use the Opportunity of
a free and non-binding Conference Call!

Zwei Männer Hände schütteln

Whether you are looking for Corporate or Project Financing Solution, or if you want to expand the markets for your products to Asia, the EU, USA or the Arab world, or establish a foreign company and take the advantages of a residence in Dubai. Feel invited to a non-binding Consultation. We are looking forward to the common Online Meeting!

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