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We were very proud that we could convince globally recognized Speakers to join our last Investors Congresses and gave our Cilents the Opportunity to share our great Experiences in the UAE.


We are honored that all Participants have expressed that for them the Exchange of Excellence was a profitable Experience.




We are still working on the final Version of the Congress Movies, but we decided to give you some short Impressions of the last Congress already. We hope that you will get the same great feeling that we had during our unique Events - our Investors Congresses in Abu Dhabi.  

In the first Movie, you will witness some Impressions of the Key Notes and the Location with the unique Bridge to Success-Decoration in an outstanding Location. Be prepared to take in the next Congress in November 2024!

Tickets are availible now and you will find the Program here!

For our Sponsors and VIP-Guests we provide always a very special Incentive: A personal Driving Experience on the original Yas Marina Formular 1 Racing Track! Become a Sponsor and receive many Benefits including the Experience to drive by yourself through the corner where Verstappen passed Hamilton!



We are very proud to be the only Consultants in the Middle East that can conduct Interviews with the German Ambassadors of the Federal Republic of Germany as a Reference on our Site.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank H.E. Alexander Schönfelder, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United Arab Emirates (CLICK HERE!), H.E. Dieter Lamlé, the German Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and H.E. Sybille Pfaff, the German Consul General in Dubai for this Honor. We ask for your understanding that the Interviews are in German. If required, we can provide you with an English translation.

On the sidelines of a Key Note in Berlin, we had the great Honor to conduct a short Interview with H.E. Dieter Lamlé, the German Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, about current political and economic Developments. 

During our Delegation Trip to the UAE, we had the great Honor to have a short Conversation with the German Consul General in Dubai, H.E. Sybille Pfaff, on the sidelines of a joint trade fair visit.




Testimonial by Bayartuul Lundeg, Project Lead of Maidar Eco City, Mongolia after her attendance of the Bridge To Success Investors Congress in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

"The Maidar City Planning Team was selected as the best sustainability Project and won the "Innovation Award" at the Investors Conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 
Congratulations to the 500 Colleagues in the planning and management team who have worked together for 10 years.
Thank you, Daniel ten Brinke. We are so honored."

- Bayartuul Lundeg, Project Lead,

Maidar Eco City, Mongolia

Testimonial by Ullrich Aufenberg, Supervisory Board of Promarket AG after his attendance at the Bridge To Success Investors Congress in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

"Thus, the day of the Company Registration of Promarket UAE can begin. We start with mobile and stationary Diagnostic Center Structures in Abu Dhabi at the point of interest.
In this context - once again - many thanks to Daniel ten Brinke for his support and the many expert discussions during the Bridge to Success Congress in Abu Dhabi."

- Ullrich Aufenberg, Supervisory Board,

Promarket AG, Germany

Testimonial by Prof. Dr. Furrer LL.M., CLO of Zenotta AG after his attendance at the Bridge To Success Investors Congress in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

- Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer LL.M.

University of Luzern & 

Chief Legal Officer

Zenotta AG, Switzerland


Key Notes of "Exchange of Excellence"-Congresses

Here, you have the Chance to listen to our excellent former Speakers  

Week by week, we will add new Key Notes of our famous and excellent Speakers. We are very proud that they have joined us on our "Exchange of Excellence"-Mission. Stay tuned for more Key Notes!

"New Challenges for Investments in Health Care for the United Arab Emirates" by H.E. Purevsuren Lundeg, Ambassador of Mongolia in Switzerland and Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the World Trade Organization (WTO) of the United Nations. 

"Blockchain based Legal Transactions and Digital Assets – Cornerstones of a Compliant Digital Farewell to Code is Law!" by Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer LL.M. – Professor of Law, University Luzern, Switzerland

"Real-time Application in Blockchain Technology" by Prof. Dr. Farhang Maghdeed, Blockchain Technology Architect, Islamic Finance & Digital Transformation Expert, Innovate the SukukChain Standard, Researcher & Speaker in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain, Technology & Security Token Offering, University of Portsmouth,

"Agility and Collaboration in Regulation of the UAE at the Time of the Beginning of Covid19-Pandemic" by Dr. Suaad Al Jaberi is Molecular Epidemiologist, Microbiologist, Infection Diseases Specialist, International Professional Trainer.

"Invitacare – A Description of a Psychosomatic Concept considering Covid-19" by Dr. Nicolas Krämer, an award-winning Author and Supervisory Board Member of the Invitacare Group, Germany.

"Agility and Collaboration in the Regulation of the UAE at the Time of Beginning of Covid19-Pandemic" by Prof. Dr. Mazin Gadeer, PhD MSc BEng PMP Prosci LSSGB EBAS AGILE, Strategy & Organisational Transformation Advisor | Digital Health and Innovation Principal.

"Reduction methods of the Administrative Cost of Healthcare" by Mr. John T. Bright, CEO - Med Claims Compliance Corporation, USA

"An Overview on Diagnostic Lab Tools and Values - beside Covid-PCR - in Covid and Psychosomatic Diagnostics and Distinction" by Mr. Jochen Hüter, CEO of the InVitaLab LLC, Germany. 

"Lab Challenges in the Beginning of Covid19-Pandemic" by Mr. Stefan Weber, Head of Molecular Biology Section - SKMC

"OXI ZEN – The next Generation Global Trading Platform for nature-based science-verified Carbon Sequestration Capacity" Key Note of Mr. Christopher Mbanefo, CEO & Founder OXI ZEN GmbH, CH.

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