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As a Business and Financial Consultant and specially as Organizer of the Investors Congress, we are explicitly not interested in only selling Tickets. We want to provide the best Background for Intellectual Exchange – and of course for doing Business either. We know that many European, American and Asian Participants attend the Congress to receive relevant Contacts in the field of Investment and Financing – and we want to support you in this endeavor. We want to make sure that you can achieve your goals with our Event. As organizers, we have the same interest - namely, to connect promising Companies and Projects with the relevant Partners and to provide a platform for the best possible results.


We have been able to gain an excellent reputation over the years, which has led to a constant Expansion of our Network. This confidence leads us to invite our customers to participate in it, because we assume that (especially) Companies which have never been involved in Business with the Arab World so far, might feel a kind of uncertainty. We take this uncertainty very seriously. We want to do everything to comfort your decision to take part in our Event. That is why we offer special Tickets for Companies that are participating in such an Event for the first time:


The Pre-Approved Tickets (PATs).


These Tickets include a Matching Service and a full MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE!


We research weeks before the Event whether and which partners might be suitable for you during your stay. After the initial Research and Identification, we will approach potential Partners for your Projects and Goals. If the first feedback from these partners is positive, we will let you know before the Congress starts and even before you did your Travel Preparations. This way, you can be sure that your stay will be met with interest by potential Arab Partners.


If the feedback (for whatever reason, for example wrong country or risk index of the project) might tend to be reserved and we are not able to arouse interest with your project in a suitable way, then you have the ability to decide to postpone your stay to the next following BTS-Congress (e.g., to rework the Project) or to cancel it completely. In that case, we will refund your Ticket Price - completely!


The detailed Procedure:


  1. Possibility to book the PATs until 1. August 2024.

  2. Receipt of payment (as for regular tickets) within 7 days after booking.

  3. After receipt of payment, a 3- to 5-page Fact Sheet (including all major Information and a Scenario Calculation) must be sent to BTS.

  4. One week review of the Project by BTS - explanation and queries.

  5. Then research of potential Partners or Investors for the Project.

  6. 1. September 2024: Final Deadline for BTS to send the feedback of the Arab partners (concrete Feedback, Name of Company) to the Customer.

  7. Option 1: At least one Partner is identified and has agreed to start cooperation talks with the customer. Then the concrete Contact Details of the respective Partner will be sent by 10. September 2022 to enable concrete contacting prior to the Congress.

  8. Option 2: No potential partner could be identified so far. The Customer can decide if a Participation in the Congress is still an Option. If that is the case, the Rules for Regular Tickets apply from then on (possibly with VIP or sponsorship addendum). Is a Participation in the upcoming Congress is not of interest for the Customer, the Customer can postpone the Participation to the following BTS-Congress (e.g., to have more time for Preparation). If the Customer does not see any sense to take part in BTS-Congresses, it is possible to cancel the complete stay. The Ticket Price will then be refunded after full Settlement of the Congress – but no later than 15. November 2022. The Decision of Cancelling by the customer must sent to BTS in writing (e.g. Email) until 17. September 2022. After this date, BTS assumes that the customer is still willing to participate in the Congress. A Refund after that Deadline is no longer possible.


For further information, please read the General Terms and Conditions and the Disclaimer.

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